A Tribute to Cathy Young Harman

Reaching back to my treasury of pastor’s memories, I find myself on Wedding Day at the historic Salem Presbyterian Church. Surrounded by a church full of friends, the young family, the Harmans and the Cutshalls were all in force.

It was my privilege that day to unite in marriage Cathy Young and Rick Harman. That wedding day was just the preface to a beautiful marriage and the establishment of a great family.

To know Cathy and Rick has been to be grateful for what God can do when he brings two people together as husband and wife and Christian homemakers.

Cathy went to be with the Lord earlier this week. She is surrounded by heaven’s joy and far beyond the reach of cancer. We will pray Rick, Brandon, Cara and Jacob through the days ahead. We will miss Cathy. I will miss her. She was truly one whose beauty on wedding day proved to be soul-deep.

Charles Fuller